Aaron Schumacher

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I made a little FAQ based on questions I get from people. I have a vision and mission. Here's an hour of me talking about career stuff.

Sometimes people ask me for a bio:

Aaron Schumacher is a Data Scientist at Meta. He was previously at Deep Learning Analytics and General Dynamics Mission Systems. He has taught with Python and R for General Assembly and the Metis data science bootcamp. Aaron has also worked with data at Booz Allen Hamilton, New York University, and the New York City Department of Education. He studied mathematics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and teaching mathematics at Bard College. Aaron's career-best breakdancing result was advancing to the semi-finals of the R16 Korea 2009 individual footwork battle.

An older version of the above went up on O'Reilly with the publication of Hello, TensorFlow!. The following accompanies the Chinese version:

Aaron Schumacher是深度学习分析公司的数据科学家和软件工程师。他在联合国大会和麦迪斯数据科学训练营里教授Python和R语言。Aaron曾在博思艾伦咨询公司,纽约大学和纽约市教育局任职并从事数据工作。Aaron生涯最好的霹雳舞成绩是挺近R16韩国2009大赛个人街舞的半决赛。他现在很荣幸地被评为TensorFlow 0.9版的次重要贡献者。

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