Story-time with Aaron: Part 8

Wednesday September 1, 2010

(Part 7)


"Do you ever wonder about time?"

Aaron is eating a bowl of something like it did something to him. "What?"

"Time. You know; time is weird."

"You know what's weird? You're weird. Shut up." Maybe that bowl of something really did do something to him.

"No, come on... You know, they say time is a dimension just like up and down. I can jump up and down, but I can't do anything like that with time."

Aaron is working hard to dig out the bottom of that blue bowl. "Yeah, that Einstein Einstein said a lot of crazy shit. You know he thought everybody was going to be vegetarian?"

"What? Look, I'm just saying, what if it stopped?"

"What if what stopped?" Aaron is deliberately looking at something he is not interested in."

"Time! I mean, what if time just stopped for a while? Would we even know? Could we?"

"What would it mean for time to stop?" Either Aaron's mood is getting better and he's joining the conversation, or he's just asking a banal question to avoid entering the conversation.

"You know, time is always going, right? It seems like it's always going. Always the same speed. So what if right now

time stopped and then it started again?"

Aaron is watching a TV that isn't there. "How long did it stop for? Stupid."

"That's what I mean though - I guess to know something stopped, it has to be in the same place for some length of time. But maybe it's like, somebody else's time."

Aaron looks up. "Like, God's time?"

"Yeah, something like that, right?"

"I don't believe in god." Aaron looks down again.

"But just imagine, you know, something like god. Just something outside that still feels time passing."

Aaron is changing channels on the imaginary TV. "Weren't we going to nuke Jerusalem? What ever happened with that?"

"Are you fucking serious?"

Aaron is unphased. "That wouldn't be time stopping. It would be more like our consciousness jumping over some span where your god is still waiting around. And I guess everything is sort of frozen, except god is thinking there, really really bored."

"What if it was like, another direction of time?"

"So god is really bored like eternally at every moment in our time stream. Doesn't sound much better for god." Aaron doesn't seem to mind that it's an infomercial.

"Nobody signs up to be god."

Aaron's chair looks more comfortable all of a sudden. "So, in conclusion, time goes on, and it sucks to be god?"

"You know, sometimes I wonder why I even talk to you."

"What about Jerusalem then? We could help god out." Aaron smiles.

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