Story-time with Aaron: Part 7

Wednesday September 1, 2010

(Part 6) (Part 8)


Jesus is unable to find his wallet. Ask him a question.

"Did you have anything important in it?"

Lily answers for him. "It's a wallet! Of course there is!"

Jesus is recalcitrant in contradicting her. "Actually, not all that much... I spent all my money on lunch. I keep my license at my dad's shop. Really the only thing in there was my Family Video card."

Lily is puzzled. "What about your student ID?"

"I lost that a while ago," Jesus says. "Haven't missed it, really."

"So the only thing in your wallet is a Family Video card?" asks Lily. "You don't even need to show your card to rent there. It must be a nice wallet."

"It's the one I made out of duct tape in high school," says Jesus. "It was kind of falling apart."

Lily laughs.

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