Come work at Meta! (Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp/etc.)

Tuesday November 9, 2021

People have started asking me to refer them for jobs at Meta, which is great because Meta is hiring! I'd be happy to refer you; send me the following:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your email address
  3. Exactly one of:
    • Your resume in PDF format
    • A link to your LinkedIn profile
    • Tell me to put in your email address and you'll be prompted to provide information yourself. (I've never tried this.)
  4. One to three job links from the official jobs site
    • Not from LinkedIn, not from Indeed, etc. They have to be from the official jobs site to work in the system.
    • Ensure you meet the minimum requirements listed for each, and that the locations listed (including remote if applicable) are aligned with your preferences.
    • If you're interested in working remotely, mention that to me.
    • If you're interested in a position based in an EU or UK office, mention that to me.
  5. Are you either of: a current university student or graduated from university within the last nine months? (yes/no)
  6. How many years of industry experience do you have (not counting internships)? (one number)
  7. Do you live in either of: the EU or UK? (yes/no)
  8. Are you interested in being full-time remote (not being associated with a physical office)? (yes/no) If yes, what country and state/province (as applicable) would you prefer to physically work from (your home)?
  9. Optional things
    • LinkedIn profile link
    • GitHub profile link
    • Portfolio website link
    • Brief note (one paragraph or less) on why you should be hired

Once I have the above, I can put you into the system. After that, I won't hear anything before you do. I can't guarantee any particular next steps, but I wish you the best of luck and hope you do well!