Books for Machine Learning

Wednesday July 21, 2021

"for someone that doesn't have a lot of experience with machine learning, what books would you recommend starting with? machine learning for dummies?"

Introduction to Statistical Learning Deep Learning with Python Statistical Rethinking Mining of Massive Datasets

Intro to Statistical Learning: The friendly version of Elements has MOOC videos and a 2nd edition coming soon, all free online. Is there a better intro? Maybe using Python?

Deep Learning with Python: The creator of Keras provides pretty good explanations and code, as I recall. Is there a better intro? Maybe something using PyTorch?

Statistical Rethinking has great explanations, examples, and philosophical commentary for understanding Bayesian approaches.

Mining of Massive Datasets is much better than its cover, with good coverage of both more and less commonly discussed techniques (and a MOOC).

See also:

Thanks to a couple of colleagues who inspired this collection of recommended books!

What else would you add/change in this list?