The Montessori Toddler, by Simone Davies

Sunday March 22, 2020

We saw this book at TOTH and subsequently picked up a copy. It's a very nice book with lots of good advice for living with toddlers, and plenty of universally good advice.

I like Montessori in general. I read The Absorbent Mind a long time ago and recall it fondly. There's room for debate around exactly how to operationalize it, but the underlying idea is that people are good and will do well, on the basis of internal motivation, if they're supported appropriately.

This comparison resonates with me:

"...the children in the [other] school always put up their hands to ask the teacher if something was on the test. The Montessori children were used to learning because they loved to do so, not because they were being tested." (page 231)

The author also draws from non-violent communication and there's an "Instead of This, Say That" section at the back, with recommendations (like "Instead of blaming others, take responsibility") that are good regardless of the age of the person you're speaking with.