Boomerang by Michael Lewis

Thursday January 18, 2018

Michael Lewis wrote Moneyball and The Big Short. He also wrote Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World, made up of essays published first in Vanity Fair, 2009-2011.

Each chapter focuses on one country:

  1. Iceland: dumb young male chauvinist bankers defaulted internationally
  2. Greece: dumb male chauvinist everyone stole, defaulted, lied; also monks are there
  3. Ireland: dumb young male chauvinist bankers defaulted on Irish real estate
  4. Germany: best economy in Europe, still pretty dumb; also lots about poop
  5. USA: cities promised pensions for cops and firefighters; cities now all bankrupt

There's a preface with the big shorter from The Big Short, who says that he got himself a million dollars worth of nickels and recommends investing in guns and gold.

Lots of people, cities, banks, and countries are in a lot of debt, which could be bad.

Boomerang cover