Two Highlights from NY R Conference 2015

Saturday April 25, 2015

Here are the two things I thought were most interesting at NY R on Saturday April 25, 2015:


Joe Rickert showed Revolution Analytics' Managed R Archive Network (MRAN). It snapshots all of CRAN every day so that you can finally do a real lock-in of the versions for all your R dependencies, using the checkpoint package. This was announced a while ago, but it was new to me. I love any sort of data store that gives you as-of, even if it's just by snapshotting.

Wes McKinney spoke about data frame design and how such tooling should develop further. Here's a transcription of a key slide:

I've thought about this kind of decoupling for data visualization (see gog) and I think it's a cool direction in general.

There were certainly other interesting and good things as well!