Official GeekyBack and "SSH in a Box" Lyrics

Thursday February 13, 2014

You may be familiar with Justin Timberlake's SexyBack...


I'm bringing geeky back. Those other newbs don't know how to hack If you're so 1337, why'd you buy a Mac? Sudo apt-get and I'll complete your stack.

load 'em to the cache...

[Bridge] Dirty data You see I've tackled unicode in waves. I'd keep you open if you'd only save. It's just that no one hexed in ASA.

Get your hexy on Go ahead be coding [Repeat 6 times]

Get your hexy on

I'm bringing geeky back Them other ... don't know how to hack Come let me pyparse all up in your stack. 'Cause your regex sucks I gotta fix it fast.

load 'em to the cache... [Bridge]

I'm bringing hexy back You subpar hackers watch my grep attack. If that's your URL you best urlparse a path 'Cause your punctuation is all outta whack.

Take 'em to the meetup [Chorus]

[Chorus] Come here URL Go ahead be coding come for the hack Go ahead be coding S-E-D Go ahead be coding Scripts in C?

You may also know The Lonely Island's Dick in a Box...

SSH in a Box

Not gonna mail you a cleartext string Cause creds like that don't hide anything. Not gonna force another RSA start Girl you're gotta learn more than wi-re-shark.

Not gonna default you to homelessville Cause a password like that is the kind they steal. Wanna MD5 you to a UPC code Somethin' unique, girl.

It's ssh in a box ssh in a box, babe It's ssh in a box Ooh, ssh in a box, girl

I'm secure enough to know You need encryption, and I got just the key, A two factor key--that's right--a second plus one.

To all the admins out there with users to protect It's easy to do just follow these steps...

Step 1, apt-get on that box Step 2, open ports on that box Step 3, ssh to that box And that's the way you do it

It's ssh in a box!

Special thanks to the anonymous poet. Inspired by Travis Hoppe's excellent PyParsing talk at Data Wranglers DC, Helping data get its sexy back. And, of course, shellinabox.

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