Is Starbucks more expensive in Seoul or LA?

Tuesday May 31, 2011

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Starbucks Double Tall Latte Pricing in Four Markets

Inquiring minds want to know: where is Starbucks more expensive, in Los Angeles, California, or Seoul, South Korea?

My double tall latte rang up at 4,600 won in Korea, I believe. I could get 300 won off when I brought my own mug/tumbler/whatever, and I could get the extra shot free with my Starbucks card (500 won).

In LA, I just paid $3.40 for my double tall latte. That includes the extra shot, which rings up at $0.75 somehow. It's possible to get $0.10 off when you bring your own mug here.

At an exchange rate (current today, 2011.5.31) of 1078 won to the dollar, that means that with no discounts we have:

LA:    $3.40
Seoul: $4.27

for a double tall latte, making Seoul's Starbucks considerably more expensive, with no discounts applied. Even with all the discounts, the Seoul price is still $3.52; and the LA price could be as low as $3.30, and just $2.65 with the normal amount of shots.

So the answer is, at least for tall lattes:

Starbucks is cheaper in LA than in Seoul!

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