Minute 7:08 AM

Monday February 14, 2011

Minute 7:08 AM

Night Aaron is in there somewhere, struggling somehow to preserve
continuity. Wrapped in blankets, wrapped in folds of unconscious mind,
he will reassert himself eventually, more or less the same person as
yesterday and the day before.

Night Aaron thinks getting up early will be good for morning Aaron,
but it isn't all virtue and grace for night Aaron either. Night Aaron
left a bowl and fork in the bathroom and shower stall, filled with
water to loosen the curry sauce. Night Aaron didn't want to go to the
shared kitchen on the floor to wash it; morning Aaron can wash the
dishes while he showers. The bowl and fork are visible from the
laundry piled at the head of the bed, just in front of the book shelf,
through an open transparent door in the translucent wall divider to
the shower, the same space as the toilet.

Night Aaron left two more socks in that pile, but it's morning Aaron,
or one of his descendants, who'll have to wash everything. Night Aaron
can be a real jerk too. Morning Aaron doesn't feel too bad about lying
in bed - or wouldn't, if he was feeling anything at all.

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