Minute 7:07 AM

Saturday February 12, 2011

Minute 7:07 AM

There goes the alarm, right on time, as synchronized across the phone
network. The sound of vibration is actually louder than the alarm
sound itself, somehow.

Night Aaron set the phone alarm for seven minutes after the clock
alarm, with the idea that attempts to jar morning Aaron into
consciousness would be wasted if they can all be extinguished in the
same sweep of an arm.

Now the phone's screen is glowing, an amazing feet of modern
engineering. The phone is more powerful than the first four computers
Aaron ever used, even combined. All that power, to pop up a little
blue box that says "Snooze."

Morning Aaron pulls himself up just enough to throw an arm across the
chasm of floor, and gently tap "Okay." His mind is gone again on the
way back down to the pillow.

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