Minute 7:04 AM

Wednesday February 9, 2011

Minute 7:04 AM

Sometimes Aaron wakes up with the wrong idea about where he is. It's
remarkably disorienting, for example, to think you are waking up in
Menasha, Wisconsin, in the United States of America, under a yellow
blanket with butterflies that you could imagine your grandmother
embroidered on herself.

This blanket is just green and oddly textured, left behind by Aaron's
college friend Dan when he headed back to the US. The texture, and the
Korean crooning from the radio now, are enough to prevent mistakes of
location without any conscious effort.

Fa la la, Aaron's brain is busy with something still. Terribly busy,
and terribly quiet about whatever it might be that it's up to, like a
child working alone on some misconceived project alone in his room.
Just a few more minutes, don't interrupt. Maybe I'll really finish it
this time and everything will be all better.

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