Minute 7:02 AM

Tuesday February 8, 2011

Minute 7:02 AM

What happened yesterday? Had he been out drinking? Was that just a
dream? Aaron's insides are like an unfinished watercolor. Not alcohol,
then, but not quite done setting, for some reason. Had he actually met
those two... No, that was definitely a dream. Better not get up for a

The song finishes and now it's the calm morning guy voice. Korean
Korean Korean, he says. Korean Korean-name possessive's song
object-marker listen-respecting-the-listener past-tense formal. Thanks
for the info, morning guy.

Pulling all the world's energy into himself, Aaron summons the magic
of motion to pick himself up and hurl himself onto his stomach. Now he
is a beached whale, only protected from the unkind sun that drops down
from a frosted window at the foot of the bed by a seaweed blanket. He
releases the energy of the world and it exhales to flat again.

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