Poor Students

Thursday February 25, 2010

One of my high-level English (as a foreign language) classes had a poem project at the end of class on Tuesday (2010.2.23). We didn't have a lot of time so I had them form one big group of seven students, and each student wrote one stanza. The topic was conflicts they have with their parents. I typed each stanza into the computer to make the finished poem, which makes it easy to put up here. It's kind of fun. It doesn't reflect their skill level very well really. They wrote their parts in under five minutes, totally unassisted, and it was also the last class of the term, last part of the class, and they don't really like poems. But anyway, here it is!

Poor Students

I want more money
I am so poor
Give me money

I want to buy more clothes
I don’t have enough clothes
But my mother doesn’t buy anything
I am sad

When the test scores came out
Mom called me and told me to hurry
But I want to tell her sorry
Because my score is a mess
And my mom is getting angry
Why do I have to have a good score?

I hate academies where I have to pay
[Academy name] is a place where I have to pay
So I hate [Academy name]

I am not a child
My parents interfere with my consumption
I can decide logically whether to buy something

My friend and I played at the theater
I spent the night at my friends house
We chatted all night while eating snacks
Someone’s talking outside
What are you thinking about? Study!

We are students
And we study most of the time
But parents sometimes seem to forget
Study study study
Maybe they want us to study our whole lives
We are students
And sometimes we need fun

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