Midwest Bboy Adventuring, October 17-25, 2008

Monday October 27, 2008

I traveled these nine days throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota, following bboy events and practices and having a fantastic time. A conservative estimate is 1,746 miles driven, which neglects travel within cities. Thanks to all those who came with me, who practiced, cyphered, and battled with or against me, and especially to those who helped out with a much-needed place to sleep in the night.

2008 October 17 Friday
Menasha to Milwaukee 104 miles
Dinner at the restaurant where my sister works, Cafe Centraal, and then the Veggietales live show with my little sisters. They did not do Barbara Manatee.
Milwaukee to Madison 80 miles
Audre Lorde Cooperative Unveiling featuring UW-Madison bboy cypher/performances, as well as a devastating show from Uniiq Funk.

2008 October 18 Saturday
Madison to Chicago 148 miles
Nine Soul Hydrauliks soldiers and one American Rythm Attack/ENI member went and battled at Hellaween 2, held at Alternatives in Chicago. We also ate some tasty food in Chicago's Viet Town.
Chicago to Madison 148 miles

2008 October 19 Sunday
Madison to Minneapolis 270 miles
A small Madison delegation made it to Mona Lisa's breast cancer benefit, carrying about $1,000 raised dancing on the street in Madison. We missed the Warriors' show but made it in time for some burlesque dancers and cyphers. Chilled afterward at a nice spot called Azia, and slept a few hours at the Minnesota Joe Mega-Plex.

2008 October 20 Monday
Minneapolis to Madison 270 miles
Madison to Milwaukee 80 miles
Dope practice session at UW-Milwaukee, hosted by Tuy. Many people there, and a photographer too.

2008 October 21 Tuesday
Milwaukee to Madison 80 miles
Dope practice session at UW-Madison, hosted by Tony and the club there. A Badger Herald photographer was there too. Two days in a row of photography. Crazy.
Madison to Milwaukee 80 miles
Staying with my cool sister in Milwaukee.

2008 October 22 Wednesday
Holy crap, I didn't have to drive anywhere far away! Session at UW-Milwaukee again. Also saw possibly the worst movie of the year, Max Payne.

2008 October 23 Thursday
Milwaukee to Madison 80 miles
Another good UW-Madison practice session. First two hours at Humanities, then another hour at the SERF. Caught the Dumate show at High Noon and crashed at Jarius' place.

2008 October 24 Friday
Madison to Chicago 148 miles
Battled with MoG at the second Free Soul battle at Zentra. Afterward hit up Stone Lotus thanks to Aaron Dorsey's hot connections, and then finally The Weiner Circle, which I recommend.

2008 October 25 Saturday
Chicago to Madison 148 miles
Exhausted, sore, and caffeinated, I returned the speakers for one more Madison practice session.
Madison to Menasha 110 miles
Home sweet home.

Total: 1,746 miles driven

That was a dope nine days! Now I'm taking a few days up here with my fam. I'll be back in Madison for Halloween weekend for sure. It means a lot to me, seeing everybody in these last couple weeks before I leave for Korea. Much love.

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